Saturday, October 11, 2014

Life is Good

Life has been super busy for a while now. Spring was full and a lot of my time was spent getting ready for an art show that I participated in. We also had a full summer, with a trip to New York to my brother-in-law's wedding, and then our daughter was married in August! Both weddings were beautiful and we are so happy for the newly-wed couples!

The fall season is upon us, and just around the corner our little guy will turn three. These past three years flew by and I have enjoyed them so much with our sweet little boy. He is a joy to our family and friends. The holidays are close at hand too, and I'm looking forward to all of the celebrating this season brings.

I sometimes look around at a messy house, unfinished projects, and sometimes I have to squelch the longings that I have to get in my studio to paint, and I remember it is all good. :)  There is one thing that stays consistent, my faith in the Lord. Even if life takes me on little detours, I know that God is always with me whatever I do, and he is working out all the details of my life. There is a bigger picture and I am thankful for this season of my life. As busy as it may seem at times...I am enjoying each day with all that it has to offer. I am pressing into to my faith in Christ and enjoying sweet fellowship with the Lord. Life is good!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Broken Chain

                                  An edited/enhanced copy of my original painting "Outpouring."

I ran across this poem that I wrote a few years ago and decided to share it on my blog today.

Broken Chain

Under the blue sky sounds of the world pass by.
Hearts deny the creator and the creation groans for the maker.
Steady steps are taken into poverty.
Not lack of clothes, riches or fame, you see.
But lack in the spirit and sunk into the profane.
Eyes darkened by the traps of the chain.
Holding hearts captive, keeping things the same.
Standing in the dark not knowing you are smothered.
Till you feel the first bite and realize you are covered.
The link is in now in place.
You want to break free from the darkness you embrace.
As you wipe away the tears and feel the burning sting.
You realize the chain that binds has gained another ring.
There is a key in place to unlock the chain that binds.
The Key that I’m speaking of… is the eternal kind.
He set the world on its foundation and spoke the stars in place.
He created water, earth, and sky, and fashioned the human race.
He enveloped Himself in fleshly form to overcome the iron bands.
He took our chains upon the cross as they pierced his innocent hands.
He gladly took the weight of it all and forgives those who are bound.
If one will only receive the Key, eternal life will be found.
It’s not in vain or lack of power that he became the key for you.
When that chain was yoked around His neck, He knew what he must do.
He was sent here from the Father’s heart from that heavenly place above.
He willingly laid down His life…to break the chain with Love.

Written by Tammy Ratzken  ©

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Leap of Faith

                                             A mixed media tile that I created in 2013. sold

Taking a leap could be a scary thing, but concerning my art, when I think of taking a leap...I'm not thinking of taking a leap off of a cliff. I am thinking of jumping into something warm, fluffy, and inviting. A place made especially for me and I am the only  person who could ever fit where I will land. When I fall into that wonderful, cozy place in my Father's hand...I am landing in my destiny. No matter how it may feel when I take a step, I know that every step I take...I take in Him. God is my compass. I seek to bring honor to the name of the Lord through this gift that He has placed within me. I was created to worship Him through my art and as I continue to step out He always meets me. In this leap of faith into my Father's knowing...I hope to inspire you, and through my art I hope to shine the light of my Father in heaven.  Have a wonderful heartfelt day.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Having Fun Going

This is what is on my easel today! I hope to create something beautiful...we shall see. This painting has been started, painted over, and has been sitting in my studio waiting on me to come back for a visit. I like to ponder my paintings and I love it when the painting gives me a peak of direction. This one has already given me a glimpse of something interesting. I like to paint random backgrounds and watch what unfolds. I can see a face emerging out of this one...which is very interesting, because I was thinking of painting a scene of The Lady at the Well. I'm not sure if that is the direction I will go, but I am going to have fun going. :) Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Bye, Bye Birdie

Hello dear people! I'm sharing my lunch time with blogging today. I'm figuring if I don't type this between bites...I might miss another day on the blog. Btw...this salad is delicious. I'm eating totally healthy again and I'm so happy for me. It really does make you feel better. I need all the energy I can get to keep up with my two and half year old and have the energy for studio time.

I hope everyone had a very Happy Easter weekend and a great start to your week. Yesterday, I managed to start and finish a painting that was a commissioned piece. The person had seen my work hanging at our local church gallery and wanted a smaller, similar version of one of my latest paintings. I was very happy to oblige. :) What a wonderful feeling to know my art is being received and getting new homes.

This is one of the paintings that my new client was admiring.

And this is another one of my new paintings.

This is the one that I painted yesterday, size 9 x 12 inch. I don't really like the lighting in the picture, but it will have to do, because I don't have the painting anymore. I had to hurry and grab a few shots of it today, before my husband took it away to hang in the Hall Gallery at our church, until the owner can pick it up on Sunday. All I can say is bye, bye birdie, enjoy your new home. This little painting was fun to paint! Well, now I am off to paint some more beautiful things. Have a very blessed day and remember... He Cares For You.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Rainy Play

                                        A painting I did for a class that I taught.

I love rainy days! Today...I'm going to play in the rain. :) Well, not actually, but I am taking my son to a play-date while it is raining. When I return home, I hope to put some finishing touches on a painting I have been working on. Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Quilts and ABC's

Today I was out and about. I had to make a trip to Hobby Lobby (love that place) to pick up art supplies. While I was there and strolling around the store, I was smitten by the cutest, coziest little chair. It was calling my name. The deterrent for me was the price tag. Thankfully, I have a very cute, cozy, and very comfy old chair that was given to me by my parents. I love this old thing. Right now it sits in my living room with an over-sized, unattractive chair cover on it. I really want to turn this old chair into a warm beam of sunshine. I can not part with clearly it has to change with the times.

I love the quilted look! It reminds me of snugly naps under my Granny's tender care. What a wonderful world, :) buried under heavy cool blankets. Not only was I wrapped in love, I was covered with the most cozy, comforting blankets that were magically filled with cool air, even in the summer time. You may know what I'm talking about, if a place got warm, you could move and it would be like an air conditioner was on under the covers. :) I would snuggle down under those handmade quilts and sleep in peace. I took great naps at my Granny's house and it marked me for life. At the time I had no idea the impact that those colorful inviting quilts would make on me. I think now, I can partially link my love for color to those cool inviting quilts of my childhood.

Well, here she is! Isn't she lovey!  Now to tackle trying to make a patch work chair cover something like this. I may need my Mom for this huge undertaking. She has great sewing skills. I am really busy right now...maybe this fall I can tackle this project.

 While I was getting lost in all of the eye-candy in the store...I happened upon this lovely ABC beauty. Which totally reminded me of my son's obsession with the alphabet.

Now, I am wanting to turn a very old antique dresser that I own into something like this. Of course, it will have to match my newly covered patchwork chair. I will have to revisit this post in the future with my knock-off version of my finds. Stick with me on my journey and have a blessed evening.